Mt 1902 $10 Geyser, Montana Pmg About Unc 53 Epq Rare Note

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Mt 1902 $10 geyser, montana pmg about unc 53 epq rare note the pictured item is the exact item you will receive, we strive to take the most accurate photos of our items because we believe grading is very subjective so we leave it to you to determine the condition and grade of the item based on the pictures provided.

Hot Wheels Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang 3D Resin Engineering Prototype UNSPUN NICE

Hot Wheels Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R Review 1 64

Hot wheels ford shelby gt350r mustang 3d resin engineering prototype unspun nice most current hot wheels prototypes are final engineering pilots (fep) with the fep number factory stamped on car body, barbie skin prototypes, or a 3d resin car prototype. Unspun only means the car was not spun together/fixed/riveted, it has been removed from factory either before paint or after paint prior to being spun.